We are moving

We decided to relocate to have a more central location for all of our clients. We will be moving to the eastern suburbs of Pretoria into a nicer and more comfortable workspace. We are expecting delays and backlogs on all of our work due to the move for at least a week and a half.

This is a very exciting time for us all. We, however, apoligise for any delay and late deliveries.

December 2016 – When will our doors be closed

We are closing our doors for the festive season, to relax and unwind from a rather busy year. We will be closed on the following dates:

  • 5 December – 9 December | Limited support for hosting available
  • 22 December – 1 January | Email support for hosting only.

We hope that you enjoy the festive season. Travel safe and enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

Minimal Operation – 2016/09/16

The wedding bells have rung and we are travelling down to Durban for a wedding over the course of the weekend.

We will be running on skeleton resources on Friday, 2016-09-16.

We trust we will be back online on the following Monday. If you have any queries that need fulfillment we will do our best to resolve them, for this you can email jobs@webvelopment.co.za.

Should you require emergency assistance, please contact us on 071 6833 888. However please only do so in the case of an emergency.

Closed for Oppikoppi

We will be closing up shop from  3 – 9 August 2016. We are taking a timeout to relax at Oppikoppi 2016. If you are also attending the event we look forward to seeing you there.

Normal business will resume on 10 August 2016. Should you need a job complete please let us know by emailing jobs@webvelopment.co.za

Overdue Account Processing

We have had to made a few major changes recently to how we handle overdue accounts. This was due to a range of clients payments defaulting. Here is our policy regarding invoices at the moment:

  • Invoices will always be made out 3 days before they are due.
  • Payments will be assigned on a first due basis. This means your invoices with the longest due date will be settled first.
  • If an invoice is overdue, we will notify you within 5 days.
  • If an invoice is 10 days overdue we will send you a legal correspondence that informs you that we are taking legal steps to ensure the invoice is settled.
  • If an invoice is 15 days overdue, we will suspend your account. This means we won’t be doing any work with you anymore. This will also mean we suspend all properties that we have possession of without limitation. Websites will show a “Account Suspended” message and all marketing campaigns will be stopped.
  • If an invoice is 30 days overdue we will hand it over to a 3rd party debt collector. This means that your invoice is paid by them, they will then legally pursue you to recover the fees.

Should your financial situation not allow you to do this, please contact help@webvelopment.co.za. We will then discuss a legal agreement for the repayment of the debt to avoid these terms.

This is applicable to all our clients, new and old. To ensure that you don’t fall into this situation please ensure that you keep your account with us in good standing.

You can always request any financial information you require from finance@webvelopment.co.za