We bring together a bunch of highly technical, digital skills to offer our clients ground breaking digital solutions.

From code to image, we are experts and see ourselves as craftsman of the digital trade.

Driven by passion for all thing digital we are pretty sure that there is no one out there that does it as good as we do it. Especially in how we tie our skills together.

Our clear billing structure, which work on the basic premises that you only pay us for the hours that we work on your project, allows you to get these skills at unrivaled prices.

With a young and fluent team, we are able to offer insights that allows your business to get it right the first time around. Learn more about our skills and how we combine these to offer unrivaled solutions.

The world has quickly become so digital that everything can be broken into a bunch of digital code and systems. We love to code, a lot.

We code in the following languages:

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make things pretty
  • PHP are the gears in our solutions
  • C# and C++ for our corporate clients
  • GO to make those awesome mobile apps
  • Python and Ruby for the complex frameworks and data driven applications

We work with the following technical frameworks and software:

  • WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, KeystoneJS and TotalJS as content management systems
  • Loopback, Revel, Gin, Grails, Ruby on Rails, Django, Laravel, SlimPHP, Symfony, CakePHP, Express and Flask for our Restfull API's and Backends
  • Ubuntu, CentOS, Apache, Nginx and Node to run these products on
  • MySQL, MongoDB and CouchDB to run our databases

This allows us to offer the following end products:

  • Some pretty awesome websites
  • Useful Restfull API's
  • Pretty Awesome Back ends
  • Sexy Mobile Apps
  • Kickass Digital Solutions

You can have the best technical systems in place, but if it looks bad, it probably won't impress your customers.

We can do the following digital goodness:

  • Logo, Business Card, Email Signature and Company Profile Design
  • Graphic Design & Print Work
  • Motion Graphics and Video Animation
  • Photography

We use the Adobe suite in the following ways:

  • Photoshop for our image work
  • Illustrator for vector goodness
  • After Effects for Video and Motion Graphics
  • XD for our work flow

Digital Marketing bring live to our digital products, these ensure that we speak to a wider audience, your audience.

We offer the following as marketing:

  • KPI Reporting, Analytics and Metrics
  • Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing and Management

We offer a consulting facility for clients who need guidance

Our consulting stretches across the following:

  • Marketing & Digitilisation
  • Security, Compliance and Privacy
  • Code Scalability and Hosting
  • Project Insight and Management